What is Spiritual Restructuring?

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is an auxiliary part of SRT that connects aspects of the physical and spiritual in order to bring back the Mind, Body and Spirit balance and harmony.

SpR is considered a cutting edge energy healing system because if its effectiveness. It accesses the Universal Healing Energy to release physical pain, unpleasant symptoms, and restores the energetic balance in the needed areas. SpR goes beyond the conscious mind, tapping into the cellular memory and wisdom of the physical body.

The treatment if equally effective done in person or remotely working with the client’s High Self and using a set of charts and pendulum to determine the system or body parts that need adjustment/correction.

The in person treatment takes place on a massage bed, the client remains entirely clothed. The treatment is not painful at all, the results are in ocations instantaneous, and the experience is a relaxing one.


What can SpR help with?

  • harmonizing the organs and glands, clearing of the lymphatic system
  • pain relief (works with both chronic or sudden pain)
  • supporting the body’s self-healing process
  • harmonizing the physical body, increasing it’s flexibility
  • clearing and balancing the energetic systems and aura
  • correcting muscle imbalances which allow the bones, tissues, glands and organs to return to their proper positions and keep that position
  • releasing tight or overextended muscles moving them back in alignment with the bones in the body


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