Women Centered Transformation

Blossom by stepping into your innate power

You feel a higher possibility in your relationships, your health, your career, however, in all of my research and in working with thousands of self-actualizing women over the past twenty years, I’ve discovered that here are THREE HIDDEN “POWER BLOCKS” that may be preventing you (often in very surprising ways) from accessing your Feminine Power and manifesting and creating at the level of self-actualization and destiny: Shame, Lack & Isolation.

In this audio workshop series, I’m going to show you how to break free from the invisible barriers that are embedded in, and reinforced by the Masculine Power system that’s operating largely outside our conscious awareness and manifesting in very specific, tangible ways in KEY life areas.

Even the most accomplished and gifted among us are held back by these hidden barriers—the old stories about our lack of value, feelings of being unsupported by a higher power and the false belief that we need to know all the answers ourselves to be worthy of having a voice and taking up space.

And those of us who might not identify as being accomplished may feel like we’re not enough or not valuable as a result of having prioritized caring for our families or our spiritual and personal development over material “success.”

You simply can’t step forward into your higher purpose on top of an old story that you’re not good enough…

You can’t transform your health and become radiant, vital and alive on top of a belief that other people’s needs have a higher priority than your own…

You can’t magnetize the resources you need to unlock your genius and gifts, and make a prosperous living on top of a feeling that life doesn’t support you…

You can’t attract a partner who’s a true equal on top of a belief that you’re not valuable unless you are giving more than you’re receiving…

And you can’t make the leaps that will have you on the course of your destiny and service to the world at the highest level if you believe you need to do it all by yourself.

Read what my clients have to say about Women Centered Transformation and the process of their inner work with me


Krisztina from Hungary

I write this feedback at the end of a 6-month transformational process with Oana using PSYCH-K® and EFT Tapping. As a result of this journey, I feel I got stronger within myself, like I got a second chance from life.

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I learned how to look at things from new perspectives and how not to fear my thoughts, and thinking they control me. I am not afraid of being alone anymore, nor driving alone. I discovered a new man inside me who looks at life’s challenges from a new, different perspective. I am now living my family life in a loving way while paying attention to my own needs as well.


Dawn from UK

I was going through a tough time, due to a work situation. I got to a point where I needed to think about how to move forward. Feeling very tense, not being able to focus and having trouble breathing prompted me to reach out to Oana for an EFT (tapping) session.

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We arranged a Skype session during which we talked and went through using few practices which within a few minutes helped me feel absolutely calm again and I noticed that I was slowly getting back to feeling myself again. I was leaving the feeling of un-ease behind. During the session, I got to be in such a peaceful and relaxed state I have never felt before.

Before working with Oana I felt empty inside after I got my inner strength and power back. I felt ready to move on and able to bring the decisions that best served me. Shortly after that, my work situation got resolved.


Krisztina from Kanada

The sessions I have done with Oana are having a significant positive impact in both my professional and personal life. She is a great listener and the tools she has provided me with have helped me deal with stress and negative thoughts in an entirely new way.

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I can say that I am more composed and less reactive as a result of the work we have done together. I recommend working with her and sticking with the process she suggests as results improve over time and can really be life changing.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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