Our work together begins with identifying the areas of your life in which you want to experience more congruence, productivity, balance, and freedom.


PSYCH-K® can be experienced through one-on-one online or in person sessions. Each session is a unique experience in which you are empowered to lead the process with your choices while I provide various tools we will use to create the lasting change you seek.


Our work together begins with identifying the areas of your life in which you want to experience more congruence, productivity, balance, and freedom.

When working with PSYCH-K® we focus on what you are moving toward, rather than what you are moving away from. There is a subtle but powerful difference between ‘moving toward’ and ‘moving away from’ that enhances the experience of ownership and empowerment.

The process is a ‘do with’ approach led by you while I facilitate the simple, effective balances. You are awake and conscious throughout the entire change process – this is not hypnosis or talk only modality. In PSYCH-K®, you do not need to recall or recount painful memories. PSYCH-K® isn’t a technique done on or to someone, which makes it empowering and unique.

As you install new empowering and supportive beliefs during a session, you create new foundations in your relationships, your self-esteem, your overall physical wellbeing, your work life, or in any area of your life that is meaningful to you. Often, the new beliefs become evident in your life immediately. After changing the limiting beliefs, we will develop an action plan that will support you in bringing your new potential to life, and achieving the results you desire.

Through PSYCH-K® the outer world becomes a beautiful reflection of the inner world as new empowering subconscious beliefs become the foundation of your life. This new congruence awakens your awareness and potential, it also supports your alignment with your Path and Purpose. The results are truly amazing!


Pay attention to the change:

After the initial session, I suggest you observe the effect of the processes as you go about your daily life. After you notice the results, you will be able to decide if you need more sessions and when. (Ideally after 2 or 3 weeks.)

As a result of each PSYCH-K® session you may experience a series of transformations hence, I invite you to observe the changes in diverse areas of your life, not only in what was worked on during the session. You may be surprised! When we dare to do something different, to BE different, the whole Universe is transformed!


Each individual is a different Universe and PSYCH-K® is a ‘Taylor-made’ process, so that each person can actually design their own destiny; the number of sessions depends on each case.

One session may create profound changes or you may want to have several sessions, as beliefs shift and layers are revealed, leading to deeper levels of change and new self awareness.

Those who experiment this process, may notice some kind of change or transformation during the session, or immediately after, while for others, the change will come in the following days. The process continues during the following days and weeks.

PSYCH-K® is a process with which you remember your inner power, so you can decide when and how you wish to continue.