What is PSYCH-K®?

Life is a reflection of our beliefs. These beliefs – usually subconscious – are the cumulative effect of life-long “programming.” As a result of this past negative programming, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. PSYCH-K® is an effective way to quickly and easily change subconscious perceptions and beliefs that may be sabotaging goals in life. It can be used to change beliefs (how we experience the world and ourselves) our thoughts and actions, and therefore our results in everyday life.


What can PSYCH-K® be used for?

  • Especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and stress reduction
  • Effective at increasing performance, whether at school, work , sports or performing arts
  • Improve self confidence and self esteem
  • Change self -defeating patterns in relationships
  • Change subconscious beliefs to ones that support overall wellbeing
  • Transform subconscious beliefs from ones that sabotage you to ones that support you and your higher good
  • Weight loss



Read what my clients have to say about PSYCH-K® and the process of their inner work with me


Era from Dubai

I have been on the path of consciousness for many years; and have met several people along the way; but as soon as I met Oana, I knew that whenever I need to cross obstacles in my life; she will be the person to help me.

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My sessions with her have been insightful. As she guides you along the way using many different techniques and modalities. She will gently help you reach subconscious core beliefs that you didn’t know even existed! She is patient and doesn’t ever make you feel pressured to come up with answers. She beautifully lets you unfold it for your own self.

Doing PSYCH-K® with her has been a wonderful experience because it is fast and effective. She does different kinds of balances which are very interesting and always spot on! I am very grateful to her for helping me become a better person everyday. I think I have found a facilitator for change for the rest of my life!


Krisztina from Hungary

I can say that during my very first experience with PSYCH-K®, negative feelings and belief systems that I have been carrying on for decades, even generations transformed within minutes.

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My usual reactions, feelings and thoughts around the situations we worked on changed completely. Suddenly I realized that, Oh My God, I do not feel the anxiety / anger, etc. that I was so used to feeling, I do not react the way I always did, and there is calmness, peace in me.

I enjoy that I never felt like such an attractive woman in my life, that my days are full of joy, and humor, that my creativity only grows. My interpersonal relationships are more harmonious, I find that there are countless opportunities in my life to finally do what I really, really love and enjoy, and that my financial situation is only getting better and better…

I am immensely grateful for the existence of PSYCH-K®. Also with the presence, awareness, and amazing love coming from Oana, who supports the process in such a subtle way I finally feel that it is not an external force or helper who tells me what I should do, feel, which direction I should take but it is me, i.e. my body who gives me the answers and transforms the blocks. I realized that every single answer exists in the wisdom within. And this is what makes everything so easy and accessible.


Timi from UK

With the amazing PSYCH-K® process that Oana is working with, after only the 5th time I transformed what I believed about myself and the world.

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I am really impressed and stunned by all the fantastic things and opportunities that came in my life since working with PSYCH-K® and all so effortlessly.

The most wonderful thing is that I re-shaped my relationship and it opened my eyes to who I truly am without all the unnecessary beliefs that I identified with along the years. Transforming them I live my every days with much more ease, enjoy with the man I truly love and most importantly, who feels loved.

With her huge knowledge and pleasant personality, Oana beautifully facilitates our Skype session every single time.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who feels that the time has come to transform and begin to enjoy this fantastic journey of what we call life.


Nicoleta from Romania

I had a serious problem concerning driving. I was mostly feeling afraid when my husband was sitting with me in the car. He had the habit of criticizing a lot, quite strenuously and my automatic reaction was always flinching. 

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I was also terrified that the car might break down and I was going to get in trouble. Before meeting Oana, I was not willing to drive and was full of fears. This changed after one single PSYCH-K® session. I felt relieved and calm but also euphoric at the same time.

Since then driving is pleasant, even with my husband in the passenger seat. Somehow since then, it seems like even his reactions have changed. I loved working with Oana. She was so natural and understanding, it was like talking to a friend. I felt relieved because before the session I felt somewhat worried as to how it will go, but from the first minute, the atmosphere was accepting and kind. I felt already better from the way she paid attention to me and my issue.


Violeta from Romania

The trust what Oana inspired when we initially spoke made me want to work with her.

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I feel she respects the free will of people and no matter how small or un-significantly my problems may have seemed, she took them seriously, without judging them, every time. During our work together, I get many AHA moments, I realise mistakes I am making without knowing I am making them. I can open up to her and I feel safe. Each time we work together I feel I am going to see a change.

What I achieved as a result of our sessions with PSYCH-K® and my individual work I implemented after them is that I now take responsibility for my life instead of waiting for others to do things instead of me. I found a new commercial space for my business, which helped me expand. I am implementing new morning routines that support my productivity. I am less judgemental of other people, which visibly improved my relationships.


Ildiko from Hungary

The acceptance and vitality flowing from Oana’s personality permeates every vibration of her work. I am very glad to have found her. 

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I lean on her in difficult times with complete trust. When we work together using PSYCH-K®, I am getting closer to my true self and with each step I am moving towards realising my true desires.


Susanna from Hungary

I have been asking for Oana’s professional guidance and support for several years now and I had been guided through other different types of counseling as well.

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With Oana my favorite sessions were EFT ones for some time. Then, we tried PSYCH-K® and I would say that for me, it’s the ultimate tool. I have a very short and to the point no blah blah personality. I really spent years solving past lives, past trauma past past past…and in the end, it never passed 🙂 But with PSYCH-K® I finally felt like wow this is really a “no drama” thing.

How did PSYCH-K® help me? In becoming awake to see things from another perspective and get through tough and drama type situations in no time.

Shift is basically happening, in real time when working together with Oana.

So I would say if you are really really ready to change your world, and live a life in which you feel at ease, you are in the right place. 😉


Natalia, 9 years old, from Hungary

My name is Susanna and I am sharing my experience about Oana’s practice and my 9yrs old daughter.

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Natalia had problems that she could not solve in harmony in school and also we had some “I am your mum and you should be doing this and that” fights.

So first I took her to a children psychologist. Well…it was oookaay but changes did not last. After half a year she came and asked me again if she could have more sessions. As I knew Oana’s professional work in this field and how great she is with kids I told her about what she does and my daughter asked to meet her.

After one single PSYCH-K® meeting, my kid started to communicate openly, as if someone gave her a green light! She started to enjoy school and her private lesson. Her focus increased and her grades are better and better. Overall I do not only see the great change but most importantly I feel it in our relationship and communication.

Please be so open and kind to give your kids this gift. These are such great tools that offer kids another perspective and understanding as well.



Sonia from Spain

The main reason I choose having a PSYCH-K® session with Oana is that I love her loyalty to clarity. Accuracy, active listening and really listening is something that not all the facilitators provide.

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I sense that she is not pre-set and ready to throw at me a precooked quick recipe or set of answers which might lead to more tangle and keep untouched my inner potential but she is ready to listen and dig with me for the gold which is available in my mine at the time.

I like her so much and I recommend her to anybody, and especially to those highly sensitive who at times find difficult to understand themselves.

What is what I like the most about having sessions with Oana?

She is very chilled and clear. Her words are carefully chosen and precise. She is fully present with me during the session and is always addressing any challenge in a loving and kind way. She has a distinctive style and is brilliant.


Adina from UK

I really enjoyed working with Oana and I am still amazed by the deep transformation of myself and my business. I have to recognize that I didn’t know what PSYCH-K® was until I interviewed Oana for one of my The Legacy Creation Series of interviews in December.

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I was so intrigued about what it could do for me, that I booked a weekend to work with her 1-2-1. I flew from London To Budapest the second week of January 2020, and believe me, it was THE BEST decision I have ever made.

I already have a successful business as a Therapeutic Counsellor and Business Coach, however I felt like I hit a plateau and just couldn’t take my business to the next level. There was something stopping me to scale my business. I just couldn’t get past the £5k limit, no matter what services, offers, products I created for my audience. And I knew it’s all at the subconscious level.

During the weekend we worked on some of my desires and did the muscle test to see if my subconscious mind supported them or not. Some were supported, and some weren’t.

We focused on changing those limiting beliefs with goal statements and physical movements. I returned to London fired up with the goal of creating my first £10k month by the end 2020!

We are now in June 2020 and 2 important unexpected changes happened: 1. The lockdown (which means I had to work only online and temporarily close the Centre where I was seeing my clients 1-2-1) 2. I am 6 months pregnant (after returning from Budapest I found out that I am pregnant and until the end of April I felt very sick and was forced to visit the hospital a couple of times).

I am sooo happy to say, that even with the lockdown, even if I had a 3 month complete break even from my online business, I am heading towards the first £10k month in July.

I am sooo convinced that this would have not happened if I didn’t work with Oana back in January and have a PSYCH-K® weekend just for me!

Thank you Oana! My success is your success too.


Johanna from Hungary

I reached out to Oana when workwise I felt like the waves started to clash over my head. Even though, as a freelancer, I control my schedule and timetable, I was just unable to move ahead with my work.

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Few days after the PSYCH-K® session I noticed that my attitude had changed, and it seemed as if I had more time.

Now, not only does my work fit comfortably in my day, but the best thing is, that I can read every single day. I am no longer worried about time or the things I have to do. I now have this strong sense that there is plenty of time to do it all.

I feel efficient and enthusiastic, which helps me end my day with satisfaction. This process really brings balance into one’s life. I can only recommend it.



Auriel from Hungary

After working together my perspective on myself and the world around me certainly changed. The results were not what I expected.

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Although I did not follow through on the things I initially planned, I followed through on what I actually REALLY wanted to do. So the results were even BETTER than what I’d hoped for.

As I have clearly thought about what beliefs I would like to ingrain in my subconscious this time, I think I’ll have even better results. Thank you!

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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