Are you ready to break free from
and transform all the blocks and limitations
that stopped you from becoming the best version of yourself?

This is how I can best support you

Gained knowledge

I deeply believe the result of my inward journey and learnings of the last nearly one and a half decade is here, ready to support you on your own journey with these practical yet very effective modalities. I am here to support and hold the space for you. Together we can find the best way that takes you where you want to go, without unnecessary bypasses.

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It is always about you

We all come with our unique bag of challenges, spiced with our own way of thinking, feeling, and experiences. Our own programming. This is why every step of this process will be built and tailored based on your unique needs, to best support you.

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Complex experience

From more very effective methods, we will choose each time the one that supports you best throughout your journey of change. Some are best used as stand alone, methods others can be more effective combined. Taking into consideration your own unique energy and needs each meeting will be built accordingly.

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Helpful articles and practices

Creative writings around and about different ways of stress relief next to which you can find easy and ready to use tips, practices. Using these practices that I created around different subjects you can start relieving some stress, all by yourself in the comfort of your home, at the office, or wherever you are. It is entirely up to you, when you feel like starting.

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Read what my clients have to say about the process of their inner work with me. 

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know which method to choose? What makes the best choice for me?

Before booking a session, we can have a free 30-minute conversation and see how I can best support you, also there is space for you to ask any questions you may have.

In order to choose the most effective method to work with, we start by looking at the challenge you wish to work on. Usually, we decide which method to use during the consultation.

If you wish to try a particular method, we will of course work with that. Each method is very effective, and we can achieve the same results by applying them, but we will approach the change from a different perspective.

How many consultations are needed to resolve a problem?

It depends on a number of factors. The number of consultations required will vary individually. There are times when a problem can be solved after only one session, and other times more sessions are required. It primarily depends on the complexity of the problem and what you do in your daily life to maintain the change that has been achieved through working together (during the consultation).

How long does the effect last?

It is individual and mostly up to you. If you want to keep the transformational journey you started during the session and experience a long-lasting transformation it is helpful to regularly do the practices we agreed upon. These practices are part of your changing process. This will help you realize also, how committed you really are: if you practice and take the necessary steps to be better, the change you wish for will deepen and become visible really quickly. We will always move at your pace.

Where can I read more about the methods used?

More details of the methods I use can be found in Methods in the main menu HERE >> 

You can ask your further questions during the free 30-minute online initial call, when we will also talk about how I can support you on your journey based on what you wish to work on.

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Do I have to do something between sessions?

Yes. Pay attention to upcoming feelings, changes, and even to the times when you may feel some resistance. If, until the next session, we agree to introduce a new habit, a new behavior, or an action plan, you should work on implementing it. You can achieve a lasting change when you put into action the steps we talk about in your daily life.

Is there a chance that the problem will completely transform?

Absolutely, yes!

In which cases should I reach out for a session?

When you have a challenge or any situation you want to change and so far, no matter what you tried alone or by using other methods it just didn’t bring results. I also recommend for you to reach out if you want to learn how to deal with stressful situations in any area of ​​your life, even with emotions that are very strong and / or unexpected and you cannot control them (eg. anger, anxiety, panic, etc.)

Is there a method I can use alone after the session?

Yes, of course. I recommend EFT tapping. 

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Are there any side effects I should expect or be aware of?

The methods I use are known to have positive rather than negative side effects. Very rarely, you may experience a brief feeling of fatigue. More people report increased levels of energy, or feel very calm and balanced. It is also happen that, someone experiences a strong self-presence in his or her own body.In terms of the effects I experienced, I noticed that each person felt different after each consultation. We all have our unique experiences.

Are sessions helpful if I want my relative / acquaintance to change?

No. You can only change your own attitude, perception and emotions towards something or someone, I can support you with that. Many times, however, because of our own change, our relationships also develop in a desirable way.

Do these methods work even for people who do not believe in them?

Yes, because physically and neurologically every human body has the same structure.The opportunity for change is certainly there, but in order for you to be able to notice and make this change in your daily life, it also requires your cooperation: which involves developing new thinking and new habits.

About our time together

I see how important it is for my clients to be able to share where they are, how they are feeling and to be heard (this is important to us all). That is why I do not limit the time spend together to one hour, as these conversations play a very important role in our joint work. To feel supported and held, to receive undivided attention without judgment, to be listened to with curiosity is a very supportive way in finding our own answers. I am your companion and supporter on the road, but you are the one walking the path to your desired future.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

When you feel ready to find your way back to your real limitless self, sign up for a free online 30 min. initial call, where we can talk about what mostly matters to you and find the best way I can support you on your journey.

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