What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a fast and efficient method, which has been described as the combination of ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology. The process is absolutely painless because we are not using needles, we are using our fingertips to gently tap on the meridian points (On the face, hand, and upper body).


EFT Tapping has two main parts:

  1. We gently touch or tap the meridian end-points. Click here to see the attached picture.
  2. While tapping the meridian end-points, we repeat statements that are connected to the issue we are tapping on.

You can imagine this method as the soother of the inner storms.

EFT Tapping can be used individually or with an EFT practitioner. Children can also easily learn and use it at basic levels.


What can EFT Tapping help with?

  • Stress relief
  • It is very effective in overcoming unsettling feelings, un-wanted habits, anxiety, panic, phobias, fear of public speaking
  • Increasing the body’s energy flow
  • The transformation of limiting beliefs into enhancing ones
  • Transforming painful feelings caused by trauma
  • Shortening the grieving process
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Re-filling the positive energy tank

Read what my clients have to say about EFT Tapping and the process of their inner work with me


Peter from Hungary

I write this feedback at the end of a 6-month transformational process with Oana using PSYCH-K® and EFT Tapping. As a result of this journey, I feel I got stronger within myself, like I got a second chance from life.

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I learned how to look at things from new perspectives and how not to fear my thoughts, and thinking they control me. I am not afraid of being alone anymore, nor driving alone. I discovered a new man inside me who looks at life’s challenges from a new, different perspective. I am now living my family life in a loving way while paying attention to my own needs as well.


Liza from Switzerland

I was going through a tough time, due to a work situation. I got to a point where I needed to think about how to move forward. Feeling very tense, not being able to focus and having trouble breathing prompted me to reach out to Oana for an EFT (tapping) session.

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We arranged a Skype session during which we talked and went through using few practices which within a few minutes helped me feel absolutely calm again and I noticed that I was slowly getting back to feeling myself again. I was leaving the feeling of un-ease behind. During the session, I got to be in such a peaceful and relaxed state I have never felt before.

Before working with Oana I felt empty inside after I got my inner strength and power back. I felt ready to move on and able to bring the decisions that best served me. Shortly after that, my work situation got resolved.


Robert from Romania

The sessions I have done with Oana are having a significant positive impact in both my professional and personal life. She is a great listener and the tools she has provided me with have helped me deal with stress and negative thoughts in an entirely new way.

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I can say that I am more composed and less reactive as a result of the work we have done together. I recommend working with her and sticking with the process she suggests as results improve over time and can really be life changing.


Krisztina from Canada

Our conversation started with an everyday issue, and first of all, Oana gave me the space to let it all out. Then she asked me a few well-directed questions from which our talk took a meaningful direction.

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We had a phone session, which I felt was as effective as if it was in person. We were both so in tune with the work we were doing, that the fact that we were not sitting across from each other did not bother me at all. I had the feeling that we were in another dimension where our thoughts and hearts were connected.

My session with Oana gave me strength and inspired me to continue what I started because I am on the right path.


Auriel from Hungary

After working together my perspective on myself and the world around me certainly changed. The results were not what I expected.

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Although I did not follow through on the things I initially planned, I followed through on what I actually REALLY wanted to do. So the results were even BETTER than what I’d hoped for.

As I have clearly thought about what beliefs I would like to ingrain in my subconscious this time, I think I’ll have even better results. Thank you!

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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