What is EFT tapping?

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a fast and efficient method, which consists in the combination of ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology. The process is absolutely painless as instead of needles, we are using our fingertips to gently tap on the meridian points (On the face, hand, and upper body).

The word tapping, may sound strange at first if you have not heard of it before. However it will make sense the moment you experience it, as the term “tapping” tries to reproduce the rhythmic movement we perform during the application of the method.

Watch the video below, in which Nick Ortner (one of the prominent figures in EFT) introduces EFT and you will see the series of gentle touches that involve tapping the points on the face, trunk, and hands 5-7 times in a row. Much like touching the keys of a piano.

You can find a downloadable picture of the EFT tapping points here.

This short video revealed that EFT Tapping has two main parts

  1. We gently touch or tap the meridian end-points. (Click here to see the points.)
  2. While tapping on the meridian end-points, we repeat the statements that are connected to the issue we are working on.

You can imagine EFT as soother of the inner storms.

The scientific background of EFT Tapping in a nutshell

EFT Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure (tapping) and modern psychology (the statements/words we are using while tapping). By using them together at the same time we can transform and calm daily stress, limiting beliefs, traumas, emotions, learned behaviours that are holding us back in our lives.

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EFT is unique for bringing together the cognitive benefits of therapy with the physical benefits of acupressure. It restores the energy flow in the body and transforms the emotional charge we have had to certain memories or moments that either shifted our trajectory in life or it marked what we believe about ourselves, others and life in a way that has become hindering.

More than 5000 years ago the Chinese discovered a series of energy circuits that run through the body, which are called meridians. While we tap on the endpoints of these meridians on the upper body, hands and face, we are sending a calming signal to the central nervous system that it is safe to relax and be present even in a stressful situation.

It has been shown that while tapping the cortisol levels are decreasing, thus the stress levels do as well. The fear, emotional response, which is controlled by the amygdala, also lowers.

The Amygdala is the „flight or fight” centre in our brain, which is the place that is firing when we experience a trauma (real or perceived), when we are afraid or when we are in a highly stressful situation. In these moments we either run away, we stay and fight, or we freeze in the situation (even in the freeze state we experience all the stressful emotions inside ourselves, without being able to do anything about them).

EFT Tapping is backed by science

When we use EFT Tapping on a certain subject, while re-enacting the stressful moments, emotions we felt at the time of the challenging situation, we retrain our nervous system, so that when that memory comes up again in the future we will not experience the same emotional reactions to it. Therefore, we are releasing old fears, limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and emotions.

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For clinical tests and more information about EFT Tapping and how it is backed by science, visit: www.eftuniverse.com website.

What can EFT Tapping help with?

  • Stress relief
  • It is very effective in overcoming unsettling feelings, un-wanted habits, anxiety, panic, phobias, fear of public speaking
  • Increasing the body’s energy flow
  • The transformation of limiting beliefs into enhancing ones
  • Transforming painful feelings caused by trauma
  • Shortening the grieving process
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Re-filling the positive energy tank

I support my clients mostly with these topics

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem,
  • Self-love and self-care,
  • Emotional attachment, when someone feels unable to let go of difficult feelings – we work on transforming the related old traumas, painful memories.
  • Transforming limiting beliefs and recurring negative thought patterns,
  • Self-criticism, alleviating negative attitudes towards ourselves, others and life.

You can tap independently with yourself

EFT Tapping can be used individually or with the support of an EFT practitioner. Children can also easily learn and use it at basic levels. Mastering the basics of EFT tapping will give you a quick and effective stress-relieving tool at the tip of your fingers, which you can use anywhere, anytime on your own, even without the help of an expert. If you want, you can even get a taste of it right now by downloading your gift, and you can experience that EFT works even when you are tapping alone. In order for the emotional intensity related to a particular challenge to ease and for you to feel better, all you need is yourself and your determination. Of course, EFT is not a miracle method, but even with a basic level of knowledge, it is worth trying it on various easier, simpler challenges.

NOTE: In recent years, I have received a lot of feedback on the downloadable practices that they also work for people who are just coming across EFT tapping for the first time, so I warmly recommend them to both beginners and advanced users. To start with, it’s enough if you to know as much as you can find in the PDF materials. You can download the short practical information about EFT tapping by clicking here! >>

Dig deeper - the PROFOUND inner work begins

When you feel that you have come across a topic during your independent work that you would like to dig deeper into and receive my support, the first step is to have a 30-minute free conversation, where you can ask your questions and we can discuss where you are now and how you can reach your goal in the best way for you.

Of course, the time factor is to be considered here as well, because you understandably want „to be there, to heal”… I understand you, and I would like to emphasize that the length of our journey and work together depends mostly on the layers of the topic you wish to transform. (So ​​it doesn’t really depend on how long you have been experiencing a particular problem, but its complexity.)

During the personalized consultation, you will learn the basics of tapping in more detail (than in the downloadable exercises). I will support your process with guided questions, while the tapping scripts will be built using the information you share during our conversation: I insert your words and thoughts into the tapping sentences.

You will easily learn how to tap the first time, and we will also discuss how you can use it on yourself at home. You don’t have to go into the depths of your challenges alone. I would encourage you to bring the difficult topics to our sessions as you’ve carried all this burden alone so far. Allow me to support you on your way.

IF YOU'RE STUCK SOMEWHERE, get in touch and let's talk before you give up

I have had several clients who came to me because they had already tried and successfully applied EFT tapping on themselves, but got stuck somewhere and needed personalized support.

When you start practicing and trying out a new method independently, with yourself, it is completely normal that sometimes you don’t see through every single step you need to do in order to achieve the desired result… of course it frustrates you and you feel like giving up… but remember why you started in the first place, why you believed in it so much in the beginning?

Maybe we just need us to talk for half an hour, clarify the details of where you are stuck? Come and ask your specific questions about tapping or even your own topic, and it will give you new push to keep you going and for what’s to come! Feel free to get in touch!

Also, if you’re just curious and want to experience how EFT Tapping works for you because you’ve heard great things about it, I’d love to hear from you as well!

How can you (not) screw up tapping? Read the articles from the blog to make your independent tapping even more successful!

EFT Tapping – When EFT Doesn’t work >>

IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER before signing up for an EFT tapping consultation

It is true that EFT tapping is worth trying for everything, but It is IMPORTANT to always use your common sense, as there are situations in which a medical doctor is needed and not to tapping, e.g. if you had an accident, suffered a fracture, or have a serious illness, etc. then you need a medical doctor! While in the recovery phase, tapping can be of great help as an additional method, but be sure to ask your doctor for instructions.

If you have a diagnosis of a mental illness, instead of tapping, find a specialist who specifically specializes in your condition! As an EFT expert, I cannot provide you with this specialized support.

It is possible that your life has been traumatized to such extent that you cannot function normally in everyday life – in this case, seek the help of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist! You can use tapping as an additional method, if and when your doctor agrees.

If someone else wants you to change and you are not feeling it yet, wait! Wait until when you feel ready to have any kind of support or conversation. My door is always open to you.

It’s also important to mention that if you’re looking for a lightning-fast solution or a miracle that will fix everything overnight, EFT tapping may not be able to give you that.

If you still have questions about EFT tapping, read the downloadable brochure!

I look forward to you getting in touch. Feel free to use any of my contacts! Click on the Contact page for a 30-minute conversation!

Read what my clients have to say about EFT Tapping and the process of their inner work with me


Cornelia from Germany

Working with Oana was a great experience – I felt guided and lovingly accompanied on my journey to getting to know myself better.

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During our EFT tapping sessions I gained some profound insight and it felt like waking up to a whole different world. I know it is still a long way to go but Oana showed me how to connect with the different parts of myself and now I have understood the importance of being in touch especially with the younger parts of me – it makes such a difference! Thank you, Oana!


Krisztina from Hungary

I am incredibly grateful for the profound impact the EFT tapping sessions with Oana have had on my journey towards worthiness.

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Despite years of working on this topic with various modalities, I found myself facing ongoing great financial and professional struggles. Despite being consciously aware of the root of the problem, I couldn’t break through.

Oana helped me revisit memories, painful traumatic events from my childhood that I was not consciously remembering, as well as traumas from adulthood.

In the safe space she created for me, along with the gentle guidance and support I received from her, I felt secure to revisit these memories. I was able to release the pain, anger, sadness, and limitations that stemmed from these events. With her guidance, I released and also overwritten these events, breaking the power they held over me.

After a few days of our sessions, I started to feel lighter and freer. I also gained more clarity on my past experiences. Gradually, I began feeling more stable, more confident, and more powerful. Additionally, my life began to reflect the changes that happened within me: my finances significantly improved, and to my biggest surprise, people started acknowledging my values, expressing their appreciation for me. My connections with others transformed, influencing the way I communicate, present myself, and even my body posture.

Another beautiful gift from our work is the changed perspective on the people involved in those traumatic events.

I now experience a more balanced and equal connection with them.

Oana creates such a safe, loving space in the sessions, and she is so present for me, which allows me to face my biggest fears, knowing that I am completely safe. I feel this trust, this knowing that what I am going through is liberating my life, and that everything will continue to improve. And it is.

Thank you, Oana, for the extensive knowledge you hold and for creating and holding such space for profound healing and growth in my life.


Jenny from France

Working with Oana with EFT tapping helped me overcome my ego and taking decisions which now allow me to live my life at full potential.

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I went from holding on to the past, holding on to my past achievements to seeing all the transformations I went through in the past years, the meaning and purpose I discovered in my life, and I allowed myself to open to the new possibilities I have now.

I found a new job, which at a first blink it felt like “going back” and after short period of time it opened a new door, one in which I can have a stable job and I can also bring in and build my own business (which is my purpose in life). I am thankful for her extensive knowledge and expertise that she applies with a great smile. I highly recommend her!


Peter from Hungary

I write this feedback at the end of a 6-month transformational process with Oana using PSYCH-K® and EFT Tapping. As a result of this journey, I feel I got stronger within myself, like I got a second chance from life.

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I learned how to look at things from new perspectives and how not to fear my thoughts, and thinking they control me. I am not afraid of being alone anymore, nor driving alone. I discovered a new man inside me who looks at life’s challenges from a new, different perspective. I am now living my family life in a loving way while paying attention to my own needs as well.


Liza from Switzerland

I was going through a tough time, due to a work situation. I got to a point where I needed to think about how to move forward. Feeling very tense, not being able to focus and having trouble breathing prompted me to reach out to Oana for an EFT (tapping) session.

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We arranged a Skype session during which we talked and went through using few practices which within a few minutes helped me feel absolutely calm again and I noticed that I was slowly getting back to feeling myself again. I was leaving the feeling of un-ease behind. During the session, I got to be in such a peaceful and relaxed state I have never felt before.

Before working with Oana I felt empty inside after I got my inner strength and power back. I felt ready to move on and able to bring the decisions that best served me. Shortly after that, my work situation got resolved.


Robert from Romania

The sessions I have done with Oana are having a significant positive impact in both my professional and personal life. She is a great listener and the tools she has provided me with have helped me deal with stress and negative thoughts in an entirely new way.

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I can say that I am more composed and less reactive as a result of the work we have done together. I recommend working with her and sticking with the process she suggests as results improve over time and can really be life changing.


Krisztina from Canada

Our conversation started with an everyday issue, and first of all, Oana gave me the space to let it all out. Then she asked me a few well-directed questions from which our talk took a meaningful direction.

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We had a phone session, which I felt was as effective as if it was in person. We were both so in tune with the work we were doing, that the fact that we were not sitting across from each other did not bother me at all. I had the feeling that we were in another dimension where our thoughts and hearts were connected.

My session with Oana gave me strength and inspired me to continue what I started because I am on the right path.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!

When you feel ready to find your way back to your real limitless self, sign up for a free online 30 min. initial call, where we can talk about what mostly matters to you and find the best way I can support you on your journey.

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