The effect of tapping continues after you stopped tapping

It is good to know that the energy flow does not only last while we tap, but also continues after the end of our session. In addition to shifting unwanted emotional intensities and physical discomforts, tapping also has a harmonizing effect on the energies moving in our bodies.

Even in the days after the tapping session, we have deep realizations that can help us stay motivated and often help us move forward. You can enhance this lasting effect if you follow the recommended tapping exercises between two sessions and the other steps that we plan together.

Sometimes it may seem like we’re stomping in one place, but we’re not

Patience is important! Please don’t give up just because it takes longer to change your emotional attachment to a topic. If you feel stuck, or that you are not making the progress you feel you desire it does not mean at all that you have messed something up or that the method does not work for you. It simply means that there are things that can transform very quickly, and there are things that need to be worked on more, approached from several different directions, with curiosity and compassion. If you feel you need support during this discovery, get in touch via any of the contact details HERE!  

However, if you wish to keep tapping on your own, please be patient with yourself, because you are not stuck, you are not stepping in one place, but what is happening is that these deeper issues are asking for more of your attention and energy to transform.

It’s also interesting to experience that there are times when something comes up that apparently has nothing to do with what we’re currently tapping on, or there’s a moment when we approach a topic that (as will be revealed later) gives space for a deeper layer, because we have prepared the ground for it.

Resolving everyday stress and deep inner work

As soon as you start tapping, you’ll notice that at first, you’ll get a lot of momentum, and you’ll want to try everything. It is worth it to start trying it with the simpler topics like everyday stress so that your tapping success streak lasts for a long time, and you get the routine with which you already have such an insight into tapping that you dare to take up a deeper topic – even on your own.

It is advisable to keep a diary of the tapping sessions you had, even with yourself so that you always know where you are, where to continue from next time. You will also see clearly what are the areas of life where the support of an expert would be most useful for you.

Deep inner work includes the processing of painful traumatic experiences, and life events that even for professional EFT specialists who have been using the method on themselves and others for many years and have learned its application in depth are a challenge to face alone. Yes, in such cases we also ask for help from other colleagues, so it is completely normal if you also feel that you cannot cope with a difficult topic alone!

IMPORTANT, when you feel that something is touching you very sensitively, you become restless or upset if you just think about it, or you start tapping and the emotional intensity gets stronger, maybe you start crying, take this as a warning sign and don’t continue tapping on your own! Please make sure to let me know HERE, if this happens, because it is extremely important that in these difficult moments you have a support and someone who will guide you through your inner processes at the pace that is most suitable for you.

Don’t want to get over it quickly!

Many people get scared when they make an “inventory” of the topics they want to tap on, and see that going deep into them promises to be a never-ending, hard job. Then finally they shake themselves up, roll up their sleeves and hastily throw themselves into a forced tapping routine, not looking at their own needs (e.g. what is the natural pace at which the body and soul feels good and taken care of), they try everything, they tap day and night , to shorten the list towering in front of them, because they feel that the method has the potential they were looking for.

Unfortunately, it does not advance the healing process if we start chasing AHA experiences, and then we are quickly disappointed, because we do not have the same experience every time. Rushing only increases stress and an unwanted feeling of dissatisfaction, although in the beginning, while the momentum is taking you, this is hard to see. Still, it’s important to know that there will be no breakthrough during every single tapping session! And this is actually good for you, because your nervous system also needs some time to follow and process the changes; and then you also need to incorporate the new things into your life.

I know if you have been burdened by the past for a long time, you want to get rid of the feeling of discomfort as quickly as possible. Still, please don’t try to get over it, don’t try to get over YOURSELF! Rather, think in terms of processes, and not in one sudden miracle. Through gradual self-discovery allow the parts of you that you may not like very much show themselves to you, so that you understand and integrate them and you can live your fullness, the fullness of WHO YOU ARE.