Is EFT Tapping working?

Short answer: yes, it does, in many cases, but sometimes it seems as if it doesn’t.

And before getting into why it seems it doesn’t work at times and what can you do about it; I would like to share a little story with you, before you give up on EFT Tapping completely (like I almost did). I am sharing this especially with those of you who feel or think that EFT is a silly thing for woo woo people (I was one of you).

When I almost gave up on EFT Tapping

I first heard of EFT from someone very close to my heart, someone who was a guide, a mentor to me and I decided to give it a go, being at a crossroad in my life. Of course, like often happens in life, once you put out an intention that is aligned, the Universe quickly delivers… It so happened that within weeks there was an international 3-day EFT event.

So, of I went… I remember it like it was yesterday… enjoying the two trainers’ energy, husband and wife, teaching together in such beautiful harmony, the way they spoke about EFT, the excitement of the attendees, all who already knew and were using EFT.

I was I think the only “green” there. In the first part of the day when time came to tap, I just observed, trying to get a hang of it. Then by the second part of the day I gave it a try, didn’t feel much. Well, actually by the end of the day I felt more like an alien, like something was wrong with me, because I just wasn’t getting it.

Second day came and by the end of it my exact thoughts were: “so, you are telling me that if I tap on these points on my face, my emotions will shift, and I’ll see changes? You are crazy, I’m out of here. This is not for me. Goodbye”.

Come third day I was nowhere to be seen. A mix of “this is nuts” and “something is wrong with me, I just don’t get what these people are raving about” “I can’t do this, others can, others see the good in this, something must be either wrong with me or with this process” thoughts were going through my mind.

I was convinced that this was my first and last encounter with the world of tapping. However, we have a saying in Hungary that in a rough translation says “you leave the house in the morning with your own plans, and at the end of the day you return with Gods plans” well… this is what happened.

Meeting my soul sister

When I first went to pay for this event, I entered the office space, and a face greeted me. Lightning struck… yes, that deeply we both had the feeling that we know each-other, such familiarity, comfort, such a “I know you, hello, welcome back” feeling that then and there a lifetime friendship/family like bond started, holding ever since.

I “blame” and thank her (you know who you are) for me being here today, even writing these lines and for having EFT as such a big part of my life. Why?

Well, we became close friends, unconditional supporters of each other and after about 1 year she asked me if I didn’t want to give this process another go, promising me that this time my experience will be different. I said yes… I said yes more to my friend, not to tapping… not yet in any case.

The beauty in life’s preparations

About 1-2 months (can’t remember exactly) before the training started, I traveled to Thailand. On my way to dinner, going down a set of stairs I slipped and sprained my ankle…

I went from living in high heels to painfully, slow walking in flats for the foreseeable future (I share this with you, so you can imagine the pain I was in).

Coming back, I went to this training, with low to no expectations (truth) but over the 3 days, every time when the opportunity came for the teacher to demonstrate a tapping technique on someone my hand was up (self-proclaimed lab rat) … I really gave it a shot and to my amazement, at the end of the third day, when a friend of mine came to pick me up, she stopped in a bad parking spot (couldn’t invent this if I wanted too) I RAN to her car. My ankle pain was gone, and I was SOLD on EFT.

Fast forward 11 years

EFT has become an important part in my personal and professional life.

Does it always work? Maybe not but it mostly does, at least in my experience and in my clients’ experiences with whom we used tapping as a transformational tool. Read what my clients have to say about EFT Tapping and the process of their inner work with me >>

Long story short, all this to bring you here… For those times when it seems like it’s not working, I invite you, before you completely give up using EFT consider the following reasons why you are not getting results.

Why eft tapping doesn’t seem to be working sometimes

Not tapping – Tomorrow never comes

One of the mistakes we make, is postponing tapping on something. It can be something that just happened now, or something that came up that we have been storing inside us and we are saying to ourselves that we will tap on it tomorrow, this weekend, when we calm down or have a peaceful moment. That usually does not come, and we end up not tapping.

Avoiding the nitty gritty…

EFT works at its best when we follow the thread and we are very specific, rather than working with general emotions.

Ex. When do you remember feeling this way first time? Where were you? With whom? What happened that made you feel that way? What did you hear, see, touch, taste, smell – that made you feel that emotion?

That’s what you want to tap on. Go back to the root, the memory of when you had that feeling for the first time and clear all the aspects.

Giving up too fast

Sometimes a seemingly simple issue can be a complex one. It can have more aspects and layers… Being curious, open and keep tapping is key.

Wanting it to work instantly

After you stopped tapping, the effect of EFT is still working its magic… the energies are still in motion, for the next few days, weeks. Give yourself time to feel the shifts, or for other important to consider parts to come up in your awareness so that you can deal with them at a time you feel ready.

The secondary gains may be showing their heads...

…and keep you stuck. Be open, honest and ask yourself: What would I have to change or what would I have to start doing (that I may not feel like) if this issue got resolved?

Tapping on more things at the same time

Remember, EFT works best focused. Focus on one event, one aspect, one emotion at a time.

You may be so immersed (rightfully so) in the challenge ...

…that you don’t get a clear picture of what you should tap on. This is when tapping with an EFT practitioner helps.

If in a moment of reflection, you relate to any of these points and you need any support, I am happy to provide it! You can also check out this page on EFT tapping, HERE >> or read the downloadable brochure!

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