The world we live in today dictates such a speedy pace that is almost inhuman, and even at the thought of the endless expectations, we get just a little more stressed without wanting to. There is always so much to do, and so little time. But who is setting this pace? Who is setting all the expectations?
Who else, but us as a society and our need to fit in it. Which is perfectly ok! So is to be aware that we are also the ones who can decide to slow down, or maybe just strive to find a pace that help us find a balance that fits us.

Anytime is a good time to think about this, and start new way of beginning our days that can support us in finding that balance. We are at a time of the year that would be mostly about introspection, love and a kind of renewal that in the last decade transformed into a race against time. Which goes without saying, causes us to feel stressed, irritated and of course makes us jump out of bed the minute we hear the alarm… or to snooze just a little longer, then stress because the day is not going as planned. Is that really good for us? At any time of the year..

What can we do differently to set a new tone to our days?

Building a new routine may be a good option to consider…Give ourselves 10 minutes a day, just of being with ourselves in a loving space. And what a better time to do that than in the morning?!

As Tony Robbins says: “If you don`t have ten minutes, you don`t have a life” This hit a strong cord with me, and it made me think.

If we do not have ONLY 10 minutes to dedicate to ourselves, to our wellbeing, to re-filling our energy container, how can we really give the best of ourselves during the day to what really matters in our lives (our family, our carrier, our goals)?

I will not ask of you to wake up half an hour before and meditate (for all those who can and are doing it, by all means keep doing it, I find it is worthy of applause and a great example to follow!) what I am proposing, is to start with is GIVING YOURSELF 10 minutes from the time when you are waking up. And since we are all so beautifully unique and also, we are always changing I am offering you few different options to choose from, and also feel free to switch through them. I for one, am switching between them depending on how I feel in that moment, where my mood takes me. The most important thing is to stick to them, to make that effort to give yourself those 10 minutes.

A little science before diving in

So, what really happens when we stick to this 10 minutes, new routine?

We bring the mountain to us. We stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system of the body and slow down the sympathetic nervous system. This happens when we truly relax, we can be more creative, we are in balance and our body lets go of the accumulated stress.

The scientist discovered that when we are meditating, or when we do something that brings us to this calm state our minds quiet, our breath slows, and we start feeling that unshakable peace inside of us that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

With building this morning routine, we educate ourselves to approach every situation that may arise through the day from that peaceful place. I am not telling you that there will be no challenges during the day, nor that people will treat you more lovingly…

What I am saying is that You will be able to start and go through your day in a much better way and that in time the way YOU react to what happens in your day will start to be different, in a way that you and everyone around you will notice.

We can choose to do all this rather than absorbing and inviting in, from the moment we open our eyes, all the external stress of the world by reaching to our phones checking the emails, the negative news and information. Stress that by the way, we may not consciously feel it’s affecting us, in that precise moment.

What we do feel though is that we “woke up with the left foot forward”, we are irritated by things that maybe yesterday we didn`t even noticed, nothing is on time, everyone gets in our way, we already ran the scenario of the day in front of us picturing it in the most stressful way, because our brain is already in the stress mode. Sounds familiar?

Fair Warning:

After a short while, you may experience a joy overflow, high energy levels and a really good mood. There is also the danger of not wanting to switch on the TV only for sports or uplifting shows. Thread carefully J And Enjoy the exercises.

Note: did you know that in order for a thought to get traction and attract other thoughts that are at the same energy level, we only need to think it for 17 seconds? Give it a try! Of course, please try with a positive one. 🙂

Preparing for the day ahead – 2 morning practices
Practice time, on average:
It varies from person to person, and also on the practice you choose

In which cases, how often and to whom I recommend this practice:
This practice is for everyone who wished to start the day with „the right foot forward”. From
the two practices, choose the one that mostly matches your mood in any given day. If time
allows it, enjoy them both!